“Hi, my name is Colin. I’m studying music psychology. And an interesting fact about me is that I’m a vegetarian from Kentucky. People are always like, ‘Don’t you love KFC?’, and I’m like … ‘No.'”  

-“Dorm Therapy” Episode 3: Floor Meeting

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About Jo

Jo Roark recently moved to LA from Mississippi and she’s still suppressing the urge to say, “y’all”.

In addition to working as digital series writer-director, Jo spends her time reading scripts at the Writer’s Guild library and rejecting unknown numbers that could be student loan officers trying to throw her off.

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Jo is currently working on a comedic web series about a Black Student Union (The BSU premiering Sept. 22nd) and developing Max Compact, a comedy about a makeup artist who can see the future. She is also a Staff Writer for the Hello Cupid Reboot on Black & Sexy TV.


Dorm Therapy, Co-Creator & Director

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Max Compact, Creator & Director


The BSU, Creator & Director


Hello Cupid Reboot, Staff Writer