22 Days Left At NYU: End Of Year Celebration

Everyone who looks at my caricature consistently says one thing: “I like how he did your outfit.”


Is this what I really look like.

Tonight, we went to the End of Year Celebration for NYU residential life. It was a lot of fun, actually. The whole set up of the event had a lot of things in common with the Awards ceremony I went to a few weeks ago:

1. We dressed up.

2. I got the vegetarian option while everyone else got steak.

3. The desert was some sort of delicious chocolate something.

4. And awards were given out. Carlyle was nominated in nearly every category, and we won half an award. Yes, half of an award.

Overall, it was a fun evening. Everyone got caricatures done for free. There was also a photo booth which produced images that more accurately depict what I look like.


That’s all,


23 Days Left At NYU: First Doctor’s Appointment

In all my 4 years at NYU, I’ve never, ever had an appointment at the Health Center. But, the time had come. Today, after my guitar lesson (which went really well!), I went to the health center. Why, you ask? Well, ever since February, I’ve been having this reoccurring that won’t stay away. My friends and family started to get worried and convinced me that I better get it checked out.

So, I went to the Health Center at 4PM  …. to find out that I’m completely healthy. I just have a cold. And maybe I’m a little dehydrated.


The nice doctor checked my vitals:

1. My temperature is 98.2.

2. My oxygen levels are at 100%.

3. My blood pressure is fine.

4. My tonsils are fine.

5. My ears look okay.

As you can see, there are no red flags, BUT I’M GETTING SICK ALL THE TIME. It’s quite frustrating, especially with all the singing I’ve put into my schedule.

It’s really humbling to go to Gospel Choir or Navs Worship or Hillsong and not be able to contribute my voice. One nice thing this has taught me is that my identity cannot and is not wrapped up in my singing ability. I can live without it.

Hopefully, my identity doesn’t depend on any of my gifts or talents because those things are fleeting and could leave me at any point. I’ve learned a lot about myself during this battle with my immune system and I’m kind of grateful for that.

That’s all,


38 Days Left At NYU: Amazing Morning, Tragic Afternoon

This morning, I got to attend an Awards Luncheon with my fellow Navigators at the Union League Club. We got to put on fancy outfits and see Steve Green, President of Hobby Lobby receive the award. Our seats should have been $100 a person! But, thanks to Peter, Campus Director of Navs, we got in for free! Here’s my program:

ImageThere was some amazing food, too. Check out my menu:


Began with some salad & bread. Legit.


My vegetarian option on the left. Petit filet mignon on the right…


Chocolate cup o’ fruit for desert!

It was such an inspiring morning. I loved the speakers and the people I went with. Just look at us:

Image And then, this afternoon, as I left my 5PM class, I heard about the explosions in Boston. My first thoughts immediately went to my friends in the area. Thankfully, people were quick to write facebook updates–and text if they could–stating that they were okay.

The whole incident puts life into perspective. We’re only on earth for a short amount of time and we don’t get to dictate what happens to us. We only choose how we behave and react to the things we cannot control.

Things I’m excited for tomorrow:

~Interning at the high school. We’re super excited to carry out our lesson plan with the students, in which we will be exploring Forum Theatre, an activity derived from the Theatre of the Oppressed.

~Being an extra in a feature film. Though I’m not allowed to disclose which film it is (though I know and it’s exciting!) or take any pictures or video on set. So, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to blog about it….

That’s all,


39 Days Left At NYU: I Fell Asleep At Pier 64

Started off my morning getting in line for Hillsong. You read that correctly. I had to get in line for church. Like I said in an earlier post, Hillsong is popular like that. My plan was to go to the 12:00pm service with my friend Marissa after getting some brunch at a dining hall nearby. I got to Irving Plaza–which is normally a club, but on the weekends, it’s a church–at 11:20am and the line was already around the block. Though frustrating, this is so cool.

Marissa and I got to talk to a bunch of people while we were waiting and sharpen our social skills when talking to strangers. The main thing we wanted to figure it out from everyone is what does it take to get a seat on the main floor of the church–or a seat at all?

Apparently you have to get there an hour early.

I am determined to get a seat at this church before I graduate. Just once. It’s on.

This afternoon, the Navigators (one of my favorite NYU clubs) met at Pier 64 for a picnic. The weather turned out to be quite gorgeous today–not too cold or too hot–so we had a good time laying on the grass. Of course, I fell asleep, using my backpack as a pillow and my coat as a blanket.

I have never, EVER fallen asleep in a park before. I’ve come close but I’ve never deliberately done it. Surprisingly, it’s kind of comfortable. Especially when the sun is out and all of your friends are watching out for you (so don’t worry, Mom). Look at how beautiful it was.


Picture Credit goes to Joon Lee

Things I’m looking forward to tomorrow: 

~Awards Luncheon at the Union League Club. I get to dress all fancy and eat a super expensive meal with my fellow Navigators at this swanky place:



 I’m going to take pictures of everything … my food … everything! So excited. I look forward to blogging about it tomorrow.

That’s all,


40 Days Left At NYU: Conversations With The Homeless

Today, I got out of bed–a little later than I wanted to–and went to Kimmel where the New York City Urban Project teamed with NYU students to bag sandwiches and water for the homeless. A few days ago, I had one of my first real conversations with a homeless man and a few other types of people we often ignore and stop treating like people. So, the following experience was a long time coming.


In each brown paper bag, we placed a sandwich, a bottle of water, and an inspirational card with directions to the Bowery Mission, if they needed extra support. We all got a different area of NYC to cover and took as many brown paper bags as we could.

My friends, Courtney and Tyler, and I got 34th Street Herald Square. When we got there, we had a hard time finding homeless people. We walked and walked and walked, but we couldn’t find any homeless people within the first 30 minutes. We went to 42 street-Bryant Park, but it was literally the most affluent park I had ever been to. No homeless people.

So we decided to go closer to the outskirts of town. There, we were able to meet three people and have conversations with them. They all gladly and thankfully accepted the food we had to offer and gave us their names.

If you’re reading this blog post, and you believe in praying for others, please pray for Frank, Ezza, and Anne. Pray for Frank and how tired and exhausted he is. Pray for Ezza’s health and the pain he seems to be experiencing. Pray for Anne’s nourishment and her safety as a woman on the streets of NYC.

Tyler said something really deep to encompass the entire experience. Think about how hard we had to look for these three people. Nobody is out there looking for the homeless people in these areas. This really resonated with me. Anytime I’m at 34th street, I’m running to catch a bus into Boston. I’m always running after my own agenda. Definitely not looking for a homeless person I can serve. So, the ones we encountered were extremely isolated. I’m happy we found them. And I’m glad we did what we could.

That’s all,


41 Days Left At NYU: Sisterhood @ Hillsong

Did two awesome things today:

1. Shared the documentary, “Beware of Christians” with my friends. Despite the controversial title, it’s really awesome, and inspiring, AND on Netflix, so check it out.

2. Went to Sisterhood @ Hillsong.


What an amazing event. Pastor Laura Lentz spoke about using the shield of faith–as mentioned in Ephesians 10:16–and allowing the full armor of God to keep you standing when you’re in a battle with self-esteem (or any other spiritual battle). I love that the name of her sermon was, “It’s Time For A Girl Fight”. Like her husband said, she really is a Proverbs 31 woman. Though I don’t know her well, I still would like to see her as a mentor.  :)

I love the spirit of Hillsong church. Everyone is incredibly welcoming and non-judgmental. It’s always a joy to go there.

HOWEVER, everyone else in NYC seems to love Hillsong as well. I’ve only been twice, but there has only been standing room on the second floor every time I go. Seriously, it’s more popular than a Broadway show. I don’t mind standing, but I’d love to see what it’s like to sit on the main floor of the service … so we’ve got to figure that out.

That’s all,


42 Days Left At NYU: What I Saw In Class Today

Today in the class that accompanies my internship, we watched this group, “Climbing Poetree”.

These brilliant women bring out the insecurity of factual things we don’t think about often.

And I really admire the prompt of “I wonder …”

Enjoy the video.

That’s all,